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The American Breweriana Association, through the ABA Museum Foundation and in partnership with the Potosi Museum Foundation, has restored the former Potosi Brewery at Potosi, Wisconsin into the National Brewery Museum & Research Library.

Located in the Potosi Brewery Complex at 209 S. Main Street in Potosi Wisconsin. Open Tuesday through Sunday 10 am to 6 pm. (After March 12, 2012 Open Daily 10 am to 6 pm)

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Old Beer Commercials CD's and DVD's Available for Purchase

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Old Beer Commercials on Audio CD's

A1 - Radio Spot Beer Commercials Volume 1 - 23 selections, 20 minutes
Stroh's, Ortlieb , Ballantine, Pearl, Carling's, Wiedemann, Schmidt, Duke, National BOH, Valley Forge, Olympia, Old Dutch, Pfeiffer, Blatz, Ortel, Schlitz, Pabst, Graf, Falstaff, & Piel' s.

A2 - Radio Spot Beer Commercials Volume 2 - 22 selections, 22 minutes
Schaefer, National BOH, Miller High Life, Lone Star, Genesee, JAX, Richbrau, Budweiser, Hamm's, Blitz- Weinhard, Carlings Black Label, Ballantine, Schmidt's, Congress, Ambassador, Olympia, Drewery' s, Knickerbocker, Iron City, & Stegmaier.

A3 - Schlitz Beer Jingles 1960' s - 1980 - 23 selections, 22 minutes
Once around life, and you know it, a guy named Joe, better than the rest, once around C&W, Johnny comes marching home, Milwaukee and the world, once around living, way we do things, true in everything, greatest of ease, ready for fun, Gusto, ask for the world, out of Schlitz, come along, you know it, looking for an opener, top of the line, Schlitz new light, seems to happen, & when it' s good.

A4 - Schmidt Beer Radio Commercials - 17 selections, 17 minutes
One beautiful beer, psychiatrist, work of art, dad and son, car and pot hole, school closing, six pack turkey, seven course meal, good Schmidt, Brooke, Miss Pest, taster, Cricket, the will, coffee, tennis, & the dry beer.

A5 - Ortlieb Beer Radio Commercials " 16 selections, 16 minutes
Big beer pleasure, Man who really knows beer, Bicentennial 6-pack. I'll drink to that, zip cap, Bi-centennial can, order an Ortlieb beer, Flavor swingers, Bi-Centennial - Hear Ye, Elwood Elinson, Mr. Swigalot, Cedric Wittingbottom, Gusher Magnatron, Lumner Siclehead, Natalie Bigbone, & big beer melody.

A6 - Man From Old Milwaukee - 22 selections, 23 minutes
The piano, cave in, frozen north, the disguise, the movie, the whale, the scientist, Cats, batman, shifty eyed skunks, bound and gagged, tramp steamer, raft, storm, well laid trap, dumb dog, hairy hound, two gun, inaccessibility, clayfoot, fuddy duddy, & soaked survivors

A7 - Journeymen For Schlitz - 14 selections, 12 minutes
Beer that made Milwaukee famous, ballad of a guy named Joe, pop top song, ballad of the kiss, ballad of the bottle brown, a lady named Ann ,they never return, all the do dah day, gusto rally, Johnny comes marching, thirsty blues, greatest of ease, gusto party, pop top holiday.

A8 - Hamm's Beer Commercials - 22 selections, 22 minutes
Rippling Waters, round after round, H-A-M-M-S, when the bubble breaks, now's the time, no Hamm's, big refreshing taste, ham it up, bongos, top four, shopping, fish not biting, Hamm's tapper, freshness you can feel, refreshment, smooth going, take time, those who want another, refreshing Hamm's, cool enchantment, here they come, & land of refreshment.

Old Beer Commercials on DVD Discs

D1 - My Favorite Beer Commercials - 65 selections, 63 minutes
Schlitz, Falstaff, Old Style, JAX, Old Milwaukee, Utica Club, National BOH,Blatz, Schlitz Light, Schaefer, Lucky Lager, Stroh's, Schlitz Malt Liquor, and Pearl.

Order by number, CD's $12 each, DVD's $15 each. Send check or money order to:
ABA Museum Foundation, Inc., PO Box 2488, Frisco, TX 75034 or, email your order to and send your PayPal payment to

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