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National Brewery Museum™
The American Breweriana Association, through the ABA Museum Foundation and in partnership with the Potosi Museum Foundation, has restored the former Potosi Brewery at Potosi, Wisconsin into the National Brewery Museum & Research Library.

Located in the Potosi Brewery Complex at 209 S. Main Street in Potosi Wisconsin. Open Tuesday through Sunday 10 am to 6 pm. (After March 12, 2012 Open Daily 10 am to 6 pm)

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American Breweriana Journal
No. 201 May — June, 2016

Brewing in Springfield, IL by Kevin Kious and Donald Roussin

The Suntory Bird Set Cans by Mark Benbow

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June 3-4, 2016
50 Rue S. Francois
Florissant, MO
Al Kell: (314) 921-4349 or

Sunday, June 5, 2016
Brennan’s Pub ‘N’ Grub
Brennan’s Pub ‘N’ Grub 3510 E. Bell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ
Contact Rich La Susa, 480-452-7186

Sunday, June 5, 2016
A-1 Chapter Show
Brennan’s Pub ‘N’ Grub, 3510 E. Bell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ
Rich La Susa (480) 452-7186 or

June 6-9, 2016
43rd Annual ECBA Annual Convention

Williamsport, PA
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April 1, 2016
The ABA Scanner is Coming to Springfield
The ABA scanner will be at the ABA Annual Meeting in Springfield, IL in June 201...
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April 1, 2015
Darrell Smith named New ABA Executive Director
Darrell received his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshko...
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October 13, 2014
Remembering John Seelow, 1942 — 2014
ABA is sad to report the death of its best friend, John Seelow on Thursday Octob...
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July 25, 2014
Favorite Adult Beverage?
Beer! More Americans say they prefer a pint over a glass of vino or a cocktail, ...
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Western Brewer Journals Digial Archives
The Beer Institute in Washington, D. C. has agreed to loan the National Brewery Museum Library their rare complete collection of Western Brewer Journals from 1876 to 1960. These rare Journals will be digitally archived and made available to ABA members and the public at the library.

Our goal is to have all the Journal digitally archived by June 2016. ABA would appreciate your help in this rare opportunity to digitally preserve these historical documents of the Brewing Industry.

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2016 ABA Board of Directors Election
ABA Members! Vote online today for your 2016-2018 Board of Directors. On the ballot are Ray Barber, David Helman, Jerry Janiszewski, Rich LaSusa, and Scott Reich. Ballots must be completed by May 15, 2016. Cast your online vote here!

The ABA Scanner is Coming to Springfield
The ABA scanner will be at the ABA Annual Meeting in Springfield, IL in June 2016.

Do you have rare brewery related books or documents you would like to share with the breweriana community? Please bring them to the annual meeting in Springfield and they will be digitally archived and returned to you before you leave the show. Please contact Len Chylack before bringing any books or documents to the show.

Identifying Fake Breweriana
ABA would like to thank Larry Handy #2694, for allowing us to publish this article. Larry is the editor of ECBA's KEG and this article just appeared In the Winter 2016 isssue. Knowledge is the only way to stop this gigantic problem in our hobby. Read Here.

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