1. MEMBERSHIP: Any member in good standing who is present at a regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors may participate in such meeting by joining in discussion. Making motions and voting authority will be limited to the Board of Directors in accordance with the Constitution.
    1. Regular member: Any individual, business or organization supporting the objectives and goals of the Association where application and payment of dues has been completed.
    2. Associate member: A family member as sponsored in application by a member in good standing and of the same household of the member. The membership fee set by the Board of Directors will be reduced for Associate members. Publications of the Association will be directed only to the regular member of the household.
    3. Only members over the age of 21 may hold office or chair committees. Those under the age of 21 may serve as members of committees.
    4. Life member: Life membership may be granted by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors to recognize significant and sustained support of the association and its objectives. Nomination to the Board of Directors for life membership must be made by a member of the Board. Future membership dues will be waived for life members.
  2. DUES: The amount of dues and payment procedures are set by the Board of Directors. Changes require a 2/3, two-thirds, vote of the full board. The amounts and procedures are recorded in the official publication and ABA web-site.
  3. HEADQUARTERS:The National Headquarters of the Association will be located in the city and county of residence of the Executive Director.
  4. BUDGET AND ACCOUNTING: The Board of Directors will have the budget, books, accounts and financial operation of the Association compiled annually, or at its discretion, more frequently, and may require an accounting or have an audit made of the handling of any Association funds by any officer, employee, committee or member of the Association. This audit may be conducted by any accounting professional retained by the Association to oversee financial operations.
  5. ANNUAL MEETING: Guidelines for planning of the Annual Meeting are provided for in the “Annual Meeting Guidelines” policy of the Association
    1. The Annual Meeting of the Association will be the third week of June each year to include the third Saturday of that month or at a time the Board of Directors has announced at the Annual meeting held the previous year.
    2. Any fund-raising activities held during the Annual Meeting must be consistent with ARTICLE II of the Constitution and be approved in advance by the Board of Directors.
  6. SPECIAL MEETINGS: The President or three or more members of the Board of Directors may call a Special Meeting. Thirty days advance notice of the meeting will ordinarily be given Board members.
  7. AMERICAN BREWERIANA JOURNAL: The official publication of the Association will be known as The American Breweriana Journal and shall be issued at a frequency set by the Board of Directors.
    1. The Journal will be directed and managed by an Editor and other staff, such as an Associate Editor as determined by the Board of Directors.
    2. Fees charged advertisers to the Journal will be set by the Editor in consultation with the Executive Director.
    3. The Journal will accept no advertising which promotes raffles, solicits memberships in other organizations, or offer incentives or memberships as part of a fundraising campaign.
  8. AMENDMENT: A vote of two-third (2/3) of the entire Board of Directors shall be required to amend these By-laws through procedures provided for in Article V, Section H of the Constitution.
  9. These By-laws are adopted as amended by the Board of Directors of the American Breweriana Association